Archives 2018 | Volume 7, Issue 3

Evaluation of acute and sub-acute toxicity of hydro-alcoholic extract of Capparis tomentosa Lam. in swiss albino mice

Sibhatu Gebrehiwot

J. Sci. Inno. Res., 2018;7(3):60-63

Prescribing error and Associated Factors at the Pediatric Ward of Wachemo University Nigist Eleni Mohammed Memorial Hospital, Southern Ethiopia

Bruke B. Billoro, Million L. Lorato

J. Sci. Inno. Res., 2018;7(3):64-69

Establishment of Efficient Surface Sterilization Protocol on Different Types of Field Grown Strawberry Explants (Fragaria x ananassa Duch.)

Kay Thi Oo, Kyaw Swar Oo, YinYin Mon

J. Sci. Inno. Res., 2018;7(3):70-74

Proximate and selected Mineral Composition of Ripe Pawpaw (Carica papaya) Seeds and Skin

Makanjuola Olakunle Moses, Makanjuola John Olanrewaju

J. Sci. Inno. Res., 2018;7(3):75-77

Somatic embryogenesis induction of litchi (Litchi chinensis Sonn.) from leaves of mature trees

Aboshama H.M., El-Sayed G.A., Al-Dremly N.I.

J. Sci. Inno. Res., 2018;7(3):78-84